About Us

Mathscon was founded by undergraduate maths students with one goal in mind: making maths more accessible. We want to show everyone that maths can transcend the stereotypes and be an amazing way to advance both your academic and recreational interests, alongside people from across the U.K.! As such, in all that we do, we maintain the following 3 principles:

1) Integrate

2) Inspire

3) Innovate

We hope to create a community of maths enthusiasts that will enjoy the wonderful applications of maths and all it's opportunities, for many years to come.


Nikita Devyataykin

Project Coordinator

Georgina Stephanou

Project Coordinator

Mateusz Stanisjewski

Project Coordinator

Aurelien Favre

Project Coordinator

Subhash Nalluru

Web Officer

Theodora Torcea

Event Officer

Maleeha Khawaja

Event Officer

Nikki Ahir

Graphics Designer

Johnny Kelly

Communications Officer

Lydia Ricca

Marketing Officer

Sayan Biswas

Marketing Officer

Mark Angelevich

Conference Officer